Teacher’s Position in the classroom

Teaching can be said as the process of transfer knowledge. In the process of transfer knowledge, we usually find problems. The problems can be, the materials difficulty, the way of teacher‘s word, or the pay less attention of the students.

Sometimes the student does not pay attention to the teacher because of many factors. One of them is the position of the teacher. The teacher sometimes stays on her chair or at the certain place in the classroom.

Something that must be concerned by the teacher is the position of the teacher in the classroom. The position of the teacher determine the attention of the students towards the teacher and also the teacher can monitors each student.

Where is actually the best position for the teacher?

1. At the center-front of the classroom.

At that position the teacher can easily controls each activity in the classroom.That’s the idea of teacher as the center of the classroom. Elaborating the material can be so easy to attract the attention of the students.

2. the Whole classroom

The whole classroom can be interpreted as the teacher stick around the classroom by observing the activity of the students. Through it, the introvert students can easily interact to the teacher. Simply to say that the teacher is a little bit closer to the students to tide up the emotional feeling towards the students.

Those two position can be implemented in the same circumstances


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