Teaching Grammar to Young Learners

Many experts said that, Grammars must be tough implicitly. It is because of the learners cannot afford to the system of language deeper.. It is true that the simple nature of children is playing and the children cannot be forced to think ideally.

Considering to the status quo that learning grammars is difficult even for the university students, so learning grammars to young learners must be tough unconsciously.

For example:

Material ; Simple Past tense

Follow Up: Using a passage

Yesterday i visited uncle John. We went there by a car. My father, my mother and my sister also went to uncle John’s house. We departed from home at 9 in the morning. We passed tea plantation and rice fields. It was so amazing. I took two hours to reach uncle John’s house…

The given-passage is explained explicitly to comprehend the learners about the writer’s experience. The Teacher then explain that the passage is in simple past form. Simple past is used to retell a story. Then the pattern is : S+V2+Complement. That’s done. (Perfect)

Then the alternative one will be how to teach grammars explicitly?,

Whether it will Harm the students or not?

We deal with teaching grammars is urgent. But we still think that, is this justifiable to teach explicitly?

The answer is yes.

The concept is simple. The common mistake is, the teacher usually forces the young learners to memorize a lot. This paradigm is to comprehend the students to the changes of vocabularies in the simple past form. It will also burden the young learners to memorize the huge of vocabularies.

So, how is the solution?

Materials: Simple Past

Procedures; Just teach the students to the pattern of simple past

S+V2+Complement. That’s it. Then give the students 5 words to be mastered from regular and irrelgular. (it is suggested the common used words)


write—-> wrote

Buy—-> bought

put—> put


see—–> saw



clean—> cleaned

Help—> helped

Walk—> walked

open—> opened

Then just trial all the words to the speaking, writing, translating, and listening.

For example:

(listening and speaking)

Teacher: follow me, ” saw”

Students: “saw”

Teacher: ” i saw a dog”

Students: “i saw a dog”

(Writing and translation)

Order the students to translate Indonesia-English. (just use the ten words)

“Saya menonton TV kemarin”

“I watched the television yesterday”

Avoid the common mistake that the teacher always changes the vocabularies and the sentences. (just use the made vocabularies and the made sentence as before)

To enrich the learners information about simple past, we can use the above way with passage. We’ve tough grammars to young learners

Have a nice try


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