Character based learning

Nowadays the development of bad side technology has made the invasion toward the learners’ moral and attitude. We can see that, porn sites, adult comments and so on can be accessed easily by the young learners. Five-years old boy was accused to sexual abuse because of the bad side of Internet.

The government needs to see this phenomenon as the decreasing of young generations’ moral. Here the focus of the problem is in Indonesia. No matter what is the content of Internet, we need to own a filter as the protection to our moral and culture.

Teaching based on character always considers as the mechanism to solve this problem. How to solve? and whether it is significant or not? These are two fundamental questions that must be answered.

How to Solve the Problem?

The principle of character based learning is that, the institution gives more chance to the learners to build positive characters. Positive characters is always regarded as follows:(1) responsible; (2) Honest; (3) brave; (4) Helpful; (5) religious; (6) love to each other; and so on.

Those aspects are needed in our educational system. The schools as the bank of  good motivation could ensure the learners to apply those characters at the daily life. The aim is that How the the learners could anticipate themselves from any threats. We know that, the threats can be from anywhere (society, internet, environment, etc).

Whether it is significant or not?

That’s the problem. At 2004 the educational society in Indonesia was bombed with competence based curriculum (KBK), then it is gone. KBK is considered fail to achieve the target. We know that the development in Indonesia is not separated but centered. Based on this problem, the Gap is quite far from one region to another. Then To answer this question, we need to convince ourselves that “trust the system and it works”


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