Punai Beach

Punai beach is a beautiful beach located in southern Belitung Island. Punai beach is 93 KM far away from Tanjungpandan. Punai beach is located in East Belitung regency at Dendang district. Punai beach is one of the famous beach in Belitung because Punai beach is still natural and untouchable by the modernity.

The Natural of Punai Beach

Punai beach is well-known as the natural beach in Belitong. Punai beach saves many conserved biological variety, One of them is Pine. Pine is almost extinct from Belitong. Pines is considered as the high quality of trees. Many advantages can be got from pine (paper, medicine, etc are pine-made).  But the the villagers around Punai Beach consider that, Pines must be conserved Punai beach to keep the natural balance and biological variety in Punai Beach. The white beach sand is the natural appeal of Punai beach. I can say that, Punai beach is still natural and beautiful.


Untouchable” is commonly used to describe Punai Beach.

“Why?” It is true and right, because it is hard to reach Punai beach. The access hasn’t been opened widely. We must pass through the sandy way to get there. To keep something’s purity, we need to keep it closed. I think that’s the motto of the villagers to keep Punai beach natural. Beside that, the villagers around it are still far away from modernity. Never hope to find out the five-star facilities at punai beach. But you can stay there for your research at biological variety.




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