Optimizing your PC

Your computer slows down? Yups, that’s what i got. It is difficult for me to run my computer. What’s the problem? that’s the most common question in our mind. Ok, i will suggest some advices to you to optimize your PC.

Installed Program.

Sometimes we do not realize that we’ve harmed our computer by installing so many programs. Don’t you know that, many unused programs in out PC can slow down our PC. Before installing a software, you must consider many things:

1. Is it useful for you?

The new users usually forget to this things. As long as the program is cool and trendy, they still want to install the software. It is wrong? of course not, because it is your choice. Installing a new software must consider the daily useful of the software for you.

2. How is your computer specification?

Well, the specifications of the computer will determine the performance of your computer. They can be seen in your computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory), Disk drive, VGA (Virtual Graphic Array), etc. Installing a program will consume your RAM and Disk Drive. many programs, many RAM and Disk Drive consumed. If your RAM is not much enough (128, 256 or 512), i suggest you to not install many programs.

Using Tune Up Utilities

Tune Up Utilities can be seen as the most powerful tool to optimize your PC (based on my experience). Here are the features of Tune Up Utilities

1. one click maintenance

just one click you can optimize your PC, (defragment, clean registry, remove broken shortcut, optimze system shutdown, etc)

2. Maintenance system

3. INcrease Performance

using this feature will help you to manage your computer. Automatically, this

feature will manage your animation, internet service and visual effect. Firstly you have to create the asked profile. If the the feature finds a problem, it will alerts you to fix it.

4. Fix Problem

I like to use disk doctor feature in this section. Disk doctor will find a problem in your system while it run.


Updating your antivirus can also increase your PC performance. Updated antivirus can immune your PC from virus threat. Whatever your Antivirus even it’s free or not, it will help you (trust me).  But i will suggest you to use these antivirus (avira, avast, kaspersky, norton, NOD32, vipre, AVG, comodo, calm, and any others based on your desire)

So? The consideration is yours, hehehehe

see you for the next tips

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