The Needs in Teaching

Teaching can be considered as a process conveying the knowledge towards the learners. The teacher is the actor in doing the teaching process. ELT (English Language Teaching) is considered as a need in this era. Regarding to the teaching process, ELT also needs a process in the action. The process of ELT can be longer than the other sciences. It is because of English is considered as the foreign language in Indonesia. Learning English cannot be achieved in a short term of time. Much time which is spent to achieve the purpose of English course.

The thing sometimes is not realized by the teacher in ELT process. The ELT teachers usually force on what they want. The learners are always forced to learnt the linguistics aspect such as grammar. But the teacher usually forget to the needs of learners. What do the learners want? what is their motivation to take the course? how is the learning process to take?. Those questions are never thought as the consideration before teaching.
My previous English teacher usually mocked the students when the students were disable to achieve her willingness. The treatment can cause the depression of the learners. The learners must be motivated psychologically. Through the motivation, the learners are able to master the course. Strong motivation is the thing behind the students success.

All of the things above are the needs of the learners. Wants, necessity and lack, those are the basic points of needs analysis towards the learners. The needs are the fundamental things to do before teaching. A fierce teacher only can screw up the essence of ELT process. So teachers make sure that you identify the needs of learners before teaching. GOOD LUCK


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