Quantum Learning

Quantum Learning is firstly introduced by Bobby De Porter. The main concept of Quantum Learning is to make a fun learning process whatever it takes. De Porter gave an example through summer camp. It was success to attract the learners. Quantum Learning gives much chance to the learners to be active in learning process. But the problem will be, how to activate learners in the classroom. The basic thing to be concerned is suggestion. Bobby De Porter modified suggestopedia in discovering Quantum Learning. The follow-up of suggestopedia is served here. How positive suggestions are given to encourage the learners. For example: giving a different environment in learning process, giving a fun activity (games, songs, etc), creating pictures in the classroom and others. Positive motivation can impact positively toward the learners. The implementation will be so real in Foreign Language Teaching. A foreign language will have many obstacles in acquiring it. Students’ culture, mother language, social background, and motivation are playing the role in foreign language teaching. Positive impact should be acquired in foreign language teaching process. The main point is giving the needs of learners and not giving as much as we can. Quantum Learning in foreign language teaching combines the students’ psychological aspects and strong motivation as the base. The teacher is supposed to be active in digging the students’ problem before implementing Quantum Learning. I’ve tried this method through outdoor activities and circle seats. I used outdoor activities when i taught weather materials. I ordered the students to write down the circumstances outdoor and pretended if it would be rain. It’s done well and the students were very enthusiast. I used circle seats to discuss the tests. It was so great to the students’ enthusiastic. Quantum Learning is quite appropriate to the extrovert learners.


4 responses to “Quantum Learning

  1. suatu ide bagus cuma penerapan di lingkungan pinggiran yng jdikan bing mulok kdang susah jalan pling bnyak kenalan langsung ke yng nyata ajak bi nya juga kdang mereka msih ingak-ingak coba ade studi kasus smcam ptk ape yng gmpang di terapek dsana

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