Multicultural Approach in Education

This approach seems new in English Language Teaching (ELT). Multicultural Approach is risen considering to the cultural circumstance in the classroom. Multicultural Approach tries to uphold every single culture in the classroom. The difference of culture will be the core materials in English Language teaching. The idea to uphold Multicultural Approach in ELT is based on the urgency to respect another culture. Culture is very sensitive and it is integrated in the society norms. Every collision will tend to the cultural conflicts which are happened in certain regions or countries, such as, racism, religious conflicts, and many others. So, the question will be what is the correlation to English Language Teaching?. To answer this question, we need to see the background of ELT. ELT is held in a conscious situation of learners. Conscious learning always calls a formal education, such as schools or courses. The formal education also plays the roles in the cultural conflicts which are happened. How to respect and to keep the culture. it is supposed to in a formal education. So, the integration of Multicultural Approach in the educational system especially in ELT are hoped to unite the cultures in the classroom to avoid the cultural conflicts. The urgency to Multicultural Approach are named as follows:

1. to rise the culture care of the students
2. to conserve the exist of culture
3. to rise up the respect of learners to the other culture

ELT is hoped to accommodate those aspects in teaching process. The next question will be, how to implement Multicultural Approach in ELT?
The assessments given are the solution. The assessments given must be based on the learners culture. In writing assessment for example: the students which are coming from Papua will discuss their culture considering the theory of writing given. The teacher will become a counselor or supervisor to supervise the assessment objectively. This assessment can be implemented in the religion scope.
The next question will be, why should we have Multicultural in ELT especially?
We know that, the cultural conflicts are sometimes undetectable. It can be happened everywhere, society, or even in schools. Multicultural Approach is to rise up the cultural awareness among the students.
Finally, this article will not just be the discourse to be ignored. The policy maker can consider Multicultural Approach as the consideration to be upheld in the educational system


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