GTM (Grammar Translation Method)

GTM usually considers old fashion by ELT experts. Considering to the ELT experts grammar should not be taught explicitly., so meaning to say that grammar must be considered as acquiring unconsciously. The dilemma is that the system of language. is complicated. In java, you need to find out the system of kromo inggil to speak to the older. Through observing the conversation is not enough, because you need a figure who should anticipate your questions. The theories are necessary to strengthen your knowledge base before you start. The students’ cowardice is that the grammar. should the grammar cowardice be avoided?. no. Why are they fear? that’s the question. Whether the concept of grammar is difficult or not? whether the teacher of ELT is capable or not?. those two questions must be seen as the unity.
If the grammar must be taught implicitly, so why the ELT tests usually concenrn to the form og grammar and translating . GTM used to teach latin language at the past era. The accuracy of the translation and grammar are concerned. So, meaning to say that, the fluency of target language is not concerned. Considering to the dilemma, i think GTM can be reconsidered in ELT process.
Most of the ELT experts and also students consider that GTM is boring. The tricks are necessary in conducting this method. Combining this method with Quantum Learning and games can be good. The feature will also enrich theĀ  ELT approach.

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